Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Unfamiliar

I was joking the other day with my colleague who is in KL, that me and another fella's having identity crisis. Well, we are both at the customer site. We use their facilities and IM. And yet, we were told to cancel our conference call IDs (costs goes to customer). Our immediate boss is in Singapore. Our boss is in KL. I now have new colleagues. Well the customers are my new colleagues. I'm supposed to be as my colleague puts it FOREVER based here.

So it's finding new lunch partners and doing the whole door access and tags again. I'm actually fine with it. I get bored too easily and maybe it's good to be here and there just to kill the boredom. I'm virtually non-existent. I stay connected using SKYPE with my bosses and counterparts. It's free and dont see why we shouldn't use it. My colleagues in KL aren't even in the same company entity as me.

But it's good I guess. GOod to be versatile and adaptable to ANYTHING.

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