Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kicking the Bad Out of Your Life

A friend of mine H.O. is on a bad patch now...suffering from mistrust and insecurity of the other half. This has happened so many times that well, what is the point to a relationship if you can't trust each other to have a few hours off with friends.

And yet, he chooses to stay on with her...over and over again.

It's a disease that makes men want to feel depended on. Or makes them love the drama that comes with the gf who acts like a diva and a drama queen who sometimes just yearns for drama when things just seemed too good to be true.

The normal reaction is "GET OUT." "KICK HER OUT OF YOUR LIFE". i felt it was more of a question of LETTING GO. He can't let it go because he says he loves her. But is it love or is it he's afraid of being lonely again? or maybe he loves the drama too. The drama makes the relationship more colourful perhaps. But do you realy want this for the rest of your life? TO live like you're on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL everyday?

or do you want someone who is understanding and you lead your life hee-haaing, full of laughter and no drama....

your choice, H.O.


H said...

Oh my god! My life is like a soap opera! So where are the good looking women?

Kyels said...

I guess there's still love within everything hence the idea of leaving did not come up.

Off topic; how have you been?

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