Monday, June 11, 2007

Just How Far You'd Go

Just how far would you go to be pretty? And how pretty is pretty? Some people say God made us what we are and we must accept ourselves as God's beautiful creation. But if a slight modification COULD be done with little pain and no significant spending, well THEN WHY NOT?

Like plucking your eyebrow. It does make a difference. For one thing it makes the person looks brighter and more alive. And less sleepy. For me at least.

Makeup- does make a lot of difference. Although minimal is good. Especially the pale looking ones and those (chinese) people with little or no good features at all. Sometimes a bit of makeup does do the trick.

ANd all those are cheap remedies. Then they are those with VERY SIGNIFICANT SPENDING required..... Now these just show how far people would go for beauty sake.

Body Slimming- This is most popular nowadays. NO EXERCISE required. Just pay the money and let the center do the worrying for you. That is if you're willing to pay at least RM10K. WHatever the initial payup they request well, eventually you'd end up paying more. They even have specific payment for TARGET AREAS (butt, hands, thighs, tummy).
Plastic Surgery- This is not so common yet here in Malaysia, but there are some who have resorted to plastic surgery maybe to correct the slight defect at the nose, eyes, lips, neck (saggy skin), breast (you guys read the papers about the woman who kena breast cancer because of plastic surgery). I think if women are gonna resort to that, well, at least some awareness ought to be instilled. Like most jump at the chance when they see CHEAP PLASTIC SURGERY. What are the risks and the reliability of that surgeon? is he/she even a real surgeon? what are the things to look out for to check the centre's credibility?

THe thing is that we all wanna look good and feel good. But in doing so, let's just make sure we are doing it for the RIGHT REASON (for yourself) and GET SMART to get value for your money.(if you're willing to spend, that is).


zeroimpact said...

Feeling good to me has to come from within
Pressure from the community and all has not made it easier
I still prefer minimal makeup and of coz, accepting the way we are

Jemima said...

Love me & take me just the way I am. :)

kyels said...

Always love yourself for who you are.

We are unique after all!

[: said...

you know i love you for who you are.......aawww..

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