Monday, June 18, 2007


Has it ever been a question for you ? Or are you always the one paying the bills in the relationship?

I can't help but notice through many outings that I've been to that whenever there's a couple, the 'guy' always pays. Automatically, when the bill comes, the guys automatically grabs the bill and pays for it. The girls usually continue chatting away or fix their clothing and makeup.

Once i saw a guy pays for the bill and the girl keeps the change.

Another guy signs the credit card and the girl collects the shared payment by the others. She collects and she KEEPS.

Perhaps in the kuno years, men being the SOLE Breadwinner, had to pay for everything. There was no question of who was gonna pay because the guy is the only one bringing in the dough.

But these days, well, the woman and the man in a relationship are both wage-earners. it doesnt really matter if the man earns more than the woman, the fact is, the woman still earns!

I know a friend of mine who takes turn to pay for meals with the girlfriend. They eat out everyday. If the guy had to pay every meal, he probably would need a second job.

Just once, i would like to see the woman pick up the tab. And not make a fuss.
And guys, it's ok to let the woman pay once in a while. It's not a question of ego. And i know some guys who would rather borrow money from friends than to admit to their other halfs that they can't afford paying every time. What's the meaning of a relationship if you can't share just this bit of ur problem?


je said...

u can have all my bills... for the access card... kekekeke...

endroo G said...

there's still a chance to show you care....i haven't settle some of our meal bills.... you want? ;)

Jemima said...

I don't have any problem paying for my male friends. :)

belle said...

gawd...cant agree more.
no offence here but i think usually its chinese educated ppl are like tht! as if male paying is an obligation.
if who is paying is such big deals for lovers..i don think they share much in it thn.
sometimes we female wish to indulge oour lovers too

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