Wednesday, June 20, 2007


ARE YOU A BRAT? A spoiled brat doesn't necessarily have to come from a rich family. See if you fit into these category...

1) Are you working and in your 20s and your parents pay your credit card bills?
2) Does your mom and dad does the road tax, car insurance renewal etc for you?
3) Does your mom and dad pay for your car installments?
4) Do you still get pocket money from your parents even though you're already working?
5) How old were you when you stopped taking pocket money from your parents?
6) Do you do any housework at home? (unless you have a maid)
7) Do you do the dishes after meals? (unless you have some allergy to washing liquid)
8) When you were in your teens, you've never worked before ??? (one-day-stints do not count)

Let's all do a self reality check. Tell me if you're a brat.


kyels said...

Well, I'm definitely not a brat!


Jemima said...

I'm like Kyels.. definitely not a brat. :)

It would be interesting to see if any of your readers would admit that they are brats. :p

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