Thursday, June 14, 2007

My B Melayu sucks

Is it Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia now? Well let the very-free-ministers dingdong over that, coz it's a never ending issue since independence. I was reading the May 13 book and it's fascinating to actually read our history in English. I remember the Sejarah Dunia and Sejarah Malaysia days when everything's in Malay, history didn't seem that interesting then.

Then i got my hands on the CHIN PENG book few years back and now MAY 13 book, and made me more interested in Malaysia's history.

The fact is that my Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia) is really bad. Yes, i got a credit for my BM for SPM but irregardless....i can't really speak Malay very well. Half the time, i'm struggling to understand what my staff is trying to convey to me. Let's not even start with the sms-es i get from them.

And then today, for the training was attending, the consultant thought he'll spice up the training with a video on Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu. I could only vaguely catch the jokes.

But it does make me wonder why even though our organization and the rest of the world speaks in English, i still have to adapt and learn Malay? I'm just wondering why the other party is not adapting to speak in English like the rest of the whole wide world. Even Mandarin.


endroo G said...

I think thats ok in Malaysia. We gotta have our own language. Take for instance.... in Japan... you think they'd speak Ingerish?

Unless you're in some foreign place then you have to speak their language or English.

I always got mistaken by people who thought I'm a malay... not only because I look like one.... but I speak like one. Eh, I thought you know this..

Anyway... it was Anwar's fault who changed the BM from Bahasa Malaysian to Bahasa Melayu in the early 90s.

It should've been called the Bahasa Malaysia all the while.

crashbandit said...

know wat's the funny thing? In mostly english-speaking Singapore, their national language is Malay! Their anthem and pledge are all in Malay. So imagine generations of kids going thru their anthem every morning and not even knowing what it means.

anyway i always think it's good to know another language. I can officially say I'm trilingual - english, malay, mandarin..but of cos with varying degrees of efficiency

kyels said...

I think it's Bahasa Malaysia though I do get confused sometimes because I am unsure of which one to use --- "Melayu" or "Malaysia".

It's all right for us to have our own language but somehow, people are not taking the importance of English that seriously.

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