Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I was talking about a friend of mine from high school, just something general, single, almost 30, bit cranky and clingy to friends, cannot talk hamsap stuff in public etc etc. And this other friend asked "is she from an all-girls school?". I said yeah..coz i'm from a convent school. she said "oh..no wonder. That explains it."

Alamak. I exclaimed. "What's wrong with us?". So she went on to explain that girls from all-girls school are just bit uptight and berjaga-jaga. Then i went on and asked "what about me and A?". And she said "Ermm...you guys probably are just mutants from the whole process."
First it was chinese-ed vs english ed, and now co-ed vs all-girls school. Next time really have to think properly before sending my kids to school! CHoose the right school. People have the impression that girls from all-girls schools (especially convent schools) are weird, uptight, boring, conservative. Cis. How insulting. But maybe there's some truth la. I dunno. But i do know girls from co-ed schools who fit into those categories as well.

If like that means ahlians only come from chinese-ed, but i know of some ahlians who came from english-ed schools wor.

So, does it really matter where we schooled? To some degree ..yes. But i dont think we can generalize or pinpoint any trait to the type of school he/she's been to. I dunno. What say u.


kyels said...

Actually, it does not matter which school one is schooled at because at the end of day, it's what the student can do at school and excel in academia.


Jemima said...

Blimey! I hope your friend doesn't think that guys who went to all-boys schools are gays. :p

BabyBandit said...

in Sg, it's the exact opposite. Girls from convent schools are generally thought to be loose or lesbians. :(....

belle said...

merepek!! hello m from convent too ok..my place ppl think convent gals are lanci,
hated by "oh so keng chinese coed school"
seriously i hate tht chinese school! who are they to judge us and gals from there r all suckers!
*crossing fingers hoping no one from tht school ssaw this *

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