Thursday, June 07, 2007


How many of you have nicknames, and how many nicknames have you had in a lifetime? I've had PLENTY. So many that sometimes even I lose track of it.

My nicknames are either related to my appearance (short and tubby) or the fact that i'm half of a pair of twins. Once a friend called my sis NIP and me PLE. hah....very clever.

The fact is that sometimes nicknames are meant to be somehows brings someone closer to you. But sometimes nicknames can be very devastating to a weak person's state of mind.

The rule of nicknaming someone is that 1) it should not be overly cruel- nickname with a twist of wit and tactful at the same time. 2) if you're being nicknamed and it is indeed funny(without being cruel, just laugh :) be merry.

Signing off, SZER the PURR (courtesy of AYWY)

1 comment:

cash said...

Or you can be like Pi (in life of Pi) who turned his cruel nickname around to something more exciting :)

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