Friday, June 08, 2007

Mika Fad

The guy sounds like a bad case of BeeGees + Scissors Sister only it is a bad combo! And he reminds me of Borat + Sanjaya. Mika is a sensation especially in the UK, but i wonder why. He doesn't even dress properly (red pants!). I've heard of his Relax, Take It Easy (annoying song really) and Love Today- i think the songs would have been better if Scissors Sister sang 'em. LOL.


kyels said...

I realized that his song "Grace Kelly" was a tad annoying but somehow, it cheers me up.


belle said...

i hate this fella to damn annoying
sorry but i really hate him
swt x 1000000000

Lex said...

such a rip off from scissor sister... so not cool

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