Wednesday, November 08, 2006

De'Chiengmai Sungai Buloh

Wanted to see what the big hoo-haa was about this place. Well, the road leading to this place is narrow and dark. But you won't miss it if you follow the correct road. It is the most majestic building there. The exterior is impressive enough with fountain and minangkabau-like architecture (doesn't look Thai). The interior is alright with nice rattan furniture. We were told drinks were free...and I quickly sampled the coffee. Tasted like mudwater. Even after adding some stale evaporated milk. I thought oughta just wait for the real deal- the much raved selection of food. But what a letdown. Even though the food came in quickly, the tomyam was cold, I mean dead cold. The food was nothing to shout about, frankly I think I had much better food in the coffeeshop Thai place in Damansara Utama (closed already). Nothing memorable I'm afraid despite the 7-8 dishes we ordered. Otak-Otak was RM25! What a rip-off. My sis explained that we were paying for the ambience. But cmon, it's overrated. For that kinda ambience you expect better service-but it's no different that cafe std of service. You could get that kinda food anywhere in town. If you wanna eat Thai food, I suggest Lanna in Bangsar or Good Evening Bangkok in 1 Utama.


endroo G said...

I would rather suggest this place in Taman Cahaya, Ampang for Thai food. That one got lots of patrons. Its a road side stall.. restaurant. No fancy ambience whatsoever.

Btw, which place is that you're talking about in Sg. Buloh? There's one in Bandar Sri Damansara. See this:

tihtahpah said...

OH./..i think i've been to that Ampang shack...nice food! The place in Sungai Buloh is called De-Chiengmai..i think kyspeaks did a review on it, he's got pics up u can see there.

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