Monday, November 27, 2006

Awkward Moments?

1. When you attend a wedding dinner and you’re seated with strangers because you are only acquainted with the groom or bride. Do you make small talk or just hope people will leave you alone with the wedding feast?

2. When you’ve been asked to guide a colleague about work but you know damn well you’ve been goofing off or you only know so little. What do you do? Do you tell her what you know and pray she gets the job done rite.. or do you just tell her the truth that you’re really not competent.

3. When you’re in a meeting and you have a sudden urge.. ahem.. to fart or you just need to go to the toilet, just at that moment when the boss asks you “ok, what do you think?”. What do you do?

4. When people comment that ohhh you look a certain way, and you’re not sure of what to react coz it could be a compliment or a very well phrased insult. If you say thank you anyways.. people will think that you’re perasan, rite?

5. When people tell you that the person close to him/her passed away. We hear in the movies or those TOEFL/IELTS classes, people should say “I’m sorry to hear that”. But how’s that gonna work in Malaysia? You say that, people think you’re CRAZY or that you’re a good-for-nothing banana.

6. When people ask you when you’re gonna get married. Ok, first off, it’s not really a question to pose to a girl. What.., do couples actually plan with each other when the guy should propose? Really odd.

7. When you meet a long lost classmate.. Make it a classmate whom you were never close to back in school. Exchange numbers, and it’d seem so fake coz we know we’re not gonna call each other for drinks. Don’t exchange numbers and it’d seem like you’re so mean.. bugger..


kyez said...

Bringing a friend to a party and he/she does not take the initiative to get to know your friends and join in the conversation but kept quiet all night. And there's a difference between trying but not being able to fit in vs just pure not interested in talking to anyone. It gets pretty awkward & annoying being the person who brings an 'unfriendly' person to a party

Anonymous said...

1. I usually try to make small talk, unless the table I'm sitting at is next to the speakers

2. Slackers may not be necessarily incompetant :P Seriously, I just give as much help as I can. If helping means saying the truth, then so be it.

3. Go to the toilet! Get your priorities right!

4. Answer in a way that sounds grateful and yet could be a well phrased counter-insult

5. Depends on the person. Generally I just look sad and say "my condolences"

6. Oh, I'm not a girl. But it can still be awkward when you're a guy. I believe it depends on the couple.

7. It's still good networking. Never know when you need a job/some help/some information

CASh said...

Oh, another awkward point: getting questioned for using "Anonymous" instead of a pseudonym when leaving comments on blogs.

Joash Chan said...

I met my old classmates at the mamak near my house... they didn't invite me, we just met... This guy then said "ei, give me your number.", then I said "you change your number meh?"... He said "no ar"... then I said "Then why you don't have my number?"

He still insisted for my number. I gave him but I said "for what, it's not like you're going to call me"...

endroo G said...

argh... just give them a name card. Call or not is another story. At least, so happen if there's business... who knows they might call you.

Lex said...

It boils down to the personality, that's what I think

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