Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Bald Truth

Are you like me coming to terms with a possibility of going bald in the near future? i can't help but look at old pics of me and realize how much hair volume and qty! i've lost!!! it's a nightmare. yes it not onli happens to men but also women, much to my dismay.

I've tried cutting my hair short. If you're like me and W who need to have the long locks to twirl and play with when we're thinking or when we're nervous, so THIS DIDNT WORK.

then i tried keeping a fringe. so totally not used to it and it always make me feel like "Lam Ah Chan" just without the silly black specs. but still, a total frump!

So, i got this RM100++ hair shampoo and conditioner from Redken, and it worked! it stopped the scalp itchiness and my hair on the top grew back a bit...I gave away the conditioner to a 25 year old cousin who is ALREADY BALDING. ARGHHH.....

The ugly truth about balding is that, IT"S GONNA HAPPEN. what's ur remedy.


endroo G said...

dear, people always said diet, fag, shampoo we use and sunlight influence the health of the hair.

Belle said...

hahahhahaha szer!!! i used to be bald back in secondary school! i mean so less hair tht u can see my scalp. born with it la no choice...i have very very thin hair that is brown in colour. thats why i never dye dark colour coz when my hair'l look damn weird..
give u tips..perm your hair ngek ngek and no one will realise. HAHAHAH

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