Thursday, April 24, 2008

Serba Salah...

Well, I didn't have a title for that, but what I meant was recommending friends to your boss for a position in your company. Well, recently I've got a buddy whom I've been recommending endlessly to my boss. Few reasons..
1) my buddy's being racially discriminated in his current workplace and needs to get out FAST.
2) he was an ex-colleague, and a great colleague coz we used to skive all the time (hi 5!)
3) it ain't great here, but well, at least he's gonna get more than where he's at. and there's no price for racial discrimination. even if he gets the same salary, he'll be happy to leave anyways.

Somehow it got me a bit serba-salah too. it's his choice of course. But i dont want him to have a false impression and want him to really know what's he getting into. Hence, a series of prepping..and really explaining to every grit about the job so he'll know what to expect. You guys ever feel that way.

I know my friend J who introduced me to my previous job was serba salah as well coz it didnt pay well and the workload was crazy, but hey J, i did learn a lot, i think way lot more than where i'm at, so you can't put a price tag on education, so, hey no worries, kay. (if you're reading this, J...)

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Anonymous said...

Of course I'm reading this. I read your blog all the time Szergling.

Just happy that you've found a better job and moved on :)



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