Friday, April 11, 2008

Lighten Up!

You know how everyone always define themselves by what they do? If anyone asked HI, and what do u do?, people always answer and say they are engineers or doctors or etc or that and they're here and everywhere...blablabla. The truth is that your occupation shouldnt define who you are. Some people find a lot of passion in what they do..and it doesnt necessarily have to be your work.

And so this brings me to my boss. Geez, everything that revolves around her life is work-related. You can't even have a normal conversation with her, non-work related conversations that is. At work, most of the time the rest of us are joking and talking as we are doing the endless boring paperwork. I must say that i've spent a lot of time chatting in my previous company too.
1) i get a lot of info- work-related and non-work related info.
2) it's always great to 'connect' with your colleagues, let's face it, we see them more than we see our family sometimes.(8 hours at , 2 hours going and coming from work, 8 hours of sleep and that leaves 6 hours of family time for you).
3) i really hate being confined to my cubicle. I used to have 2 tables in 2 different locations in my previous company and it was great....
4) it kills time.

The thing is that we really should lighten up at work, not to the extent of compromising the quality of your work, or the pride you take in your work, just that everything should be taken in a stride and just lighten up a bit. It'll make things much easier for you....remember, there's more to life than work!

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