Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Indiana Me!

Didn't we all grew up with Indiana movies...I think I really had a crush on Indiana Jones, witty and smart and rugged. They did a series called The Chronicles of Indiana Jones that just didn't do it for me because it just didn't have Harrison Ford! Must the be influence of Star Wars added to that. All through Raiders of Lost Ark, TEmple of Doom, and THe Last Crusade....and the next one that i'm waiting for is the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I did see a documentary last month about the Crystal Skull. Apparently it has some psychic power, and that when all the 8 (or 5, i can't remember) skulls are brought together, there is suppose to be some supernatural power. BUt make no mistake, the Crystal Skulls are real. And it didn't have any tool marks, which means...well, go figure.

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