Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We all need a Napoleon in Us

Remember ??? Napoleon Dynamite's motto : he's out there to prove he's got nothing to prove. Very deep coming from a geek like him, kaka.

Why's everyone wanting to prove themselves to other people anyways? For e.g, in a simple conversation, no one wants to know how much money you make (unless someone asked you about it!). And you don't have to lose weight because you're afraid of people laughing at you. And you don't always have to prove to others that you're right, coz even if you are, just take it that the others probably are just too ignorant and why waste your breath anyways to explain to people who might not even understand anyways. So, yar, i've learned to ignore. people make funny english mistakes like "the ball is under your leg", just laugh along, and ignore.

Maybe it's our constant need to be accepted; whether at work, or with friends or at home. Our need to be better than everyone else. Our need to always constantly stand out and be fabulous or glamorous; you know those that "just wanna be seen", didnt matter if they were actually having a good time or not.

If only we were a tad like Napoleon, boh chap and tihtahpah, maybe we'll be a lot happier.

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