Monday, April 28, 2008

A PJ Affair....

It's been a long time since i met Daniel, Mel, Chelva, Wan Shen, and got them round to meet at DU for nasi lemak. Chelva got an emergency call and off he went; his dad had a seizure and apparently was hospitalized for 3 weeks already. Sadly, his dad passed away yesterday morning.

And so me and Andrew head off to PJ to his house without knowing his address, roamed a bit at Paramount Garden, till we got a call from Daniel to head on to the PJ Crematorium. And so we were there. I didnt know there was a chinese one and a christian one, but the cremation was done at the chinese one. The whole thing was done rather fast. We went on to Chelva's house.

What is it with PJ that it is so hard to find any house? Truly, if u know Chelva, there's no way of giving directions to his house. Even CHelva admitted he'd attempted and failed. ahhahah.

The thing about going for wakes, I always don't know what to say or what to feel. Chelva was in a rather good mood and we were kinda laughing a bit. Reminded me when my grandma died and me n the relatives were laughing out loud, neighbours were wondering what kind of a wake was that.

And I guess just having friends around helps, not just for the 'white gold' hehehe, but more for company during a fragile moment.

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