Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A good friend of mine, L, is a proud father of ONE last month....he was so happy and called up everyone to let us know the good news! And another friend is expecting......she can't wait to show me her baby bump.....! And another friend, A is glad that he's gonna be a father soon, gone are his wild days.... And WHo just called me last week and said he's gonna be a dad soon too!

What a worldwind of babies and tots....My dad and I are constantly following up on the 'developments' of my niece and nephew.....especially the 'latest addition', BOOKLET. Even if he just flipped over...or chuckled...can bring in a lot of oohs and aahs.

It's sickening though when people compare babies....or grandchilds.....Once and for all, my niece has small eyes but she's cute anyways. hahaha. And Booklet has beady eyes..ar..so?? People should really stop comparing babies; who crawl faster, who's fatter, who's smarter, who's more talkative, who has big ears, who has small eyes......etc.etc. Gosh, people can find ANYTHING to compare about if they want to. Talk about premature psychological damage!

I have a twin. but even WE didn't get it as bad as kids these days.

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Belle said...

GIVE THOSE BABIES A BREAK! its ok if you compare grades when its in secondary school or how much the son give parents everymonth..BUT BABIES?
oh ahh.. ="=

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