Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm irritated by smiley happy people. How can anyone be THAT happy all the time.

I'm irritated by people who don't wait for you to finish your sentence.

I'm irritated by the traffic jam especially when it's caused by the darn traffic police and kaypoh drivers who slowed down to watch the aftermath of any accidents.

I'm irritated by the fact that I'm smarter than my boss. So arrogant of me, but it's the farking truth. Or maybe i just have a problem with authority.

I'm irritated by the damn China women in my office who don't farking know how to take care of the toilets that we share! Geez. How can any female accomplish peeing all over the toilet, and leaving wet stains on the toilet seat AND the floor.

I'm irritated by shallow morons. Morons who think why the hell i wanna work, and that i'm at that marrying age. Hullo, leave me alone la.

I'm irritated by women who act pretty. If you are, you are. Declaring(shamelessly) to people you are a lenglui is so moronic.


Jemima said...

Hear! Hear! *in total agreement with the last one*

imn said...

coming from your twin, it stems from your innate dislike of authority!

tihtahpah said...

shuddup twin!

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