Thursday, April 17, 2008

Duffy- Mercy

When I first heard the song Mercy, I thought she was Amy Winehouse....but then, she sounded better than that nutcase. Then, I thought maybe it was an oldie, but then there were some modern rap thrown into the last bit of the song. So Duffy was a runner up for some British talent show, and wow, I think she has a unique voice, less whiny compared to Amy Winehouse and definitely sexier.

Definitely beats American Idol fellas I must say. Heard David Cook's version of Mariah's Always Be My Baby. It was cool but it just didnt really impress me. Reminded me of the time during Rockstar INXS when Marty Casey did Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time. Now that's something to remember. Something to be wow-ed at.

Whatever happened to ROCKSTAR? American Idol's getting kinda boring really. The only one i'm rooting for is the bambi-eyed David Archuleta.

1 comment:

kyels said...

I'm rooting for Archuleta also! Anyway, check out Distant Dreamer by Duffy; that's good too.


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