Thursday, April 17, 2008

Being Selective.....

It sucks, but I'm slowly realizing that i'm becoming more and more selective in the conversations that i have with people these day...i think it has to do with age and that i'm finding it a waste of time and breath to converse with things and people that don't matter much to me. i know it's wrong...

i hardly talk to the china bosses in my office. 1) because i dont have to. 2) i can't speak proper mandarin and i can't understand mandarin fully plus they can't speak in, i'm thinking, why even go there?

i dont chat with everyone like i used to. especially airheads and snots. there are just some people whom you just can't strike a conversation with. sometimes it's best to just listen, and comment when you want to.

i find myself listening a lot these days. sometimes commenting in my heart. i always used to be so opinionated and wanna have a say all the time. in time i realize that people dont always receive my comments well, it's either very blunt or unacceptable to their standards. i also realize that people don't really wanna hear any criticism, especially if it bruises their ego. and sometimes, all i have is criticism. and not everyone understands what i mean anyway, except for my twin who almost has the same kinda thinking as me.

there's just a vast difference in the way we think, and it's just more apparent with some people. even when we're talking about some topic, u could almost fill the empty void with a big elephant and they'll give u a look like which planet are u from? or the look that says that he/she thinks you're just plain weird. it has nothing to do with chinese ed kah, malay ed kah, or english ed. i think it has a lot to do with upbringing and the kinda environment that you're exposed to.

i dont really expect to have a long fruitful intellectually stimulating conversations... just having it being INTERESTING is good enough. it could be about nails, fashion, politics, economy etc....i don't really care. having an open mind really helps i think. so, i'm gonna have to get rid of this selectiveness disease!

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