Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Carpe Diem!

You know the saying Seize The Day. I think since Dead Poets' Society (Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke, etc), the quote was left embedded in my mind. And so, a lot of people seize the day differently.

To some, to seize the day is to use every ounce of your energy to build on a great career and strive hard to be a somebody. Never to lose a moment or waste any time at all.

To some, to seize the day is on the contrary, to not waste ALL your time on your work, but to allocate time to do what you most desire.

To some, to seize the day is to grab every opportunity that comes across you. It sometimes takes the sensibility out of you, but who cares? Some opportunities you've yet to determine if it's good or bad, but TAKE IT ANYWAY and take the chances and see what happens.

Well, for most of us, maybe our day to day life is getting by a 9 to 5 job, then rush home to make/have dinner, rush to meet friends or get home to rest. Seize the day?? What's left of the rest of the day anyways once you've done all that? Maybe 2-3 hours, in which you find yourself more often than not infront of the IDIOT BOX! HAHAHA.

So, maybe in a week, take 2-3 days to really SEIZE THE DAY. Go out and do something out of ordinary, call up and old friend or go on a short road trip. I mean, do you even remember the last craziest thing you did???? I mean a really crazy one??? Perhaps for me was the one night with the gays in Bangkok. OK, do share!


endroo G said...

oh... lets not start with those "si fat kuai" again..

kyels said...

Drove all the way to Genting with a few pals after dinner (it was unplanned) and when we wanted to go down, there weren't any gas stations (all of them were closed) hence we drove back to KL with nearly an empty tank ... Haha!

Tine said...

I'm too dull a person, too risk-free to do anything crazy.

*yawn* :p

Wanderer said...

Carpe Testes

Seize life by the balls!

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