Monday, September 24, 2007

A Confrontation

Initially i thought my mom and aunt from Singapore were back here to bid farewell to my sis and also for an eating trip, but then, i found out they had another agenda. A confrontation regarding the house in Teluk Anson.

And so, my uncle wrote the chronological event of the house. Right from who were the first owners( my grandma), and then the distribution of rent, and the fact that the geran tanah was now under my dad's name because he took out a RM40K govt loan for renovations, etc. The house initially belonged to my mom's side, and not my dad!

But the confrontation is not with my dad. My dad couldnt care less about the house. It was with my first uncle's (who passed away) wife. The wife wants to sell off the house but the money to be shared out within the Tan family ONLY TO THOSE WITH THE SURNAME TAN. Which includes her kids and grandchildren EXCLUDING me and my sisters and the children of my aunt.

I think the aunt missed out the fact that the house is in my dad's name afterall. hehehe. If my dad was half as evil as she is, he probably would have sold off the house quitely and passed on the money to my little niece. But then my dad's too much of a gentleman. hehe.

And so, my mom and aunt and uncle headed off to her house in Taman Desa for a confrontation. A rather 'friendly' wan. The other party was saying she doesn't want my mom to fret over the house. bla bla bla. My mom (ever the no-nonsense garang woman) only told her that the house can be sold, but then the money to be distributed to only the remaining siblings of my first uncle.

Mission accomplished and quite satisfied they left and shared the news with the rest of us. We asked my dad how much is the house worth anyway.....barely RM100K, it's freaking Teluk Anson anyways!


endroo G said...

In my opinion (just opinion and not wanting to meddle in the affair), if the house is to be sold, then the money should be distributed equally among the families of your grandma's children. Your grandma have 5 children... divided to 5 portions. If any of the 5 siblings passed away, his/her family should given the a portion too.

For instance, RM100K divided equally to 5 families. Doesn't matter if the sibling had deceased or not... his/her family should inherit the proceed from the sale of the house of his deceased mother. What they wanna do with the money is their business then.

Just my few cents. But technically, your dad is the owner of the house. No one can do anything if your father is greedy. Yes you are right.

tihtahpah said...

yeap. that's the plan that my mom proposed.

kyels said...

Your dad is definitely a gentleman. Any sane person wouldn't have ate up the house.


belle said...

is yr aunt a hokkien?
no offence but seriously i find that hokkiens are super typ and anal wan! included my aunts and some hokkien frens.. really fucked up ppl's life..

je said...

honestly... if ur mom really want to be nasty... she can ask ur first uncle's wife STAY OUT of the business, simply bcos ur first uncle's wife doesn't have the surname TAN :p

If i were ur dad... i would give her a hard time... a nasty one... kekeke... hate those in-law who interfere with family issues :p

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