Monday, September 17, 2007


The HR of my new company request that i do the medical checkup before i join the company in Oct 1st. I didn't think much of it as i thought it was a norm. My uncle exclaimed in horror how come i have already got the offer letter before the medical checkup, while my sis says that normally the medical checkup is done during the 1st week of work.

So, now i'm confused...which is the correct protocol?

Anyway, off i went and the letter detailed the test i have to take- Urine Test, Hepatitis B screening, Blood Count, Chest X-Ray, Medical Examination, Pregnancy Test..... "Pregnancy Test???" my uncle went WTF. I said that the HR even asked me specifically during my interview whether I have plans to get married in these coming 2 years. Or if was planning a baby etc.

My uncle explained that to even imply that women is being discriminated due to their pregnant-ability, is a basic violation of human rights that could cause an uproar. I suppose we could refuse to answer, or lightly remind the interviewer that these are pregnant-ability does not make one unfit to work.

Sex discrimination happens in every form that sometimes we do not see because we take it as a norm. Like the notion that women are ONLY SUITABLE for office work. Or that women most likely end up in the ACCOUNTS/ADMIN/HR dept. Or that women can't be good leaders. Or that women do not have to have a career for they are destined to make babies and be a homemaker at the end of the day. It's worse when women themselves feel that way too- no questions asked!

I respect women who are career-goers and homemakers. Both are tough acts to follow and neither one is easier than the other. If we women ourselves don't respect that, how can you expect men to do so.

Have u encountered any before?


endroo G said...

Just tell the HR that the day before, your bf wanted to have a baby in a year time. See what's their reaction. Or maybe you can tell them you're planning to get married in a 1 1/2 time.... see what they will say.


Wanderer said...

Apart from that, I think it's improper to ask for:

Status: Married/Single/In a relationship (It's none of their business and furthermore, it's private!)

Secondly, to ask for an attached photograph with mail-in applications, what, am I being judged based on my looks? All you pretty people might not care about attaching your photographs, but we fugly people are a touchy lot.


kyels said...

I've yet to step into the working world but I dislike all these discrimination that is going on. What is the problem with women getting pregnant?

Yes, they'll have to make adjustments when she goes off for labor but that doesn't mean she can't work anymore after giving birth or during pregnancy ... Bollocks!

They shouldn't judge or even discriminate. I guess they forgot that it was their mothers who gave life to them. Tsk tsk.

earl-ku said...

its before u sign the offer letter ...

noomally they will ask to go get the offer letter and go do the med check up same day ...

if u fail the medical check up, then dont other to return th offer letter ... hahahaha

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