Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Workplace-A Kindergarden

I've always likened my workplace to a kindergarden. A place where a bunch of kids are running around and messing around. If the headmaster and the teachers are strict, then the bunch of kids are disciplined and do great in school. Otherwise, the bunch of kids continue to run around and mess everything up.

Just then, I was explaining to a colleague about a really straightforward report and how he's supposed to JUST FILL IN THE BLANKS accordingly to furnish a database. It got me really geram because i have to explain to him EVERY MONTH the same shit over and over again. I had to take the kindergarden approach and explain to him like he's one of those kids running around.

And you know how kids are sometimes really nosy? They like to gossip and nose around other kid's business? Well, that's what people here at work do. They like to nose around in my dept's stuff and neglect their own work. Why, u ask....because they wanna find fault in my dept so that if anything happens they got the bullets to fire at us. Stupid right? Afterall, we just makan gaji only wat. Why get so hung up laaaaa.

Hopefully my new workplace would suit me better. A less-geram one.

1 comment:

kyels said...

May your new workplace be better than this!


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