Saturday, September 22, 2007


Anyone who knows me well would probably know that i don't like to shop, and well, i didn't have a reason to last time. Now however, perhaps like a bad karma, i have to shop for my new job soon.

I dunno about you, i hate having sales people to tailgate me while i browse through the clothes and repeatedly asking me if i like this or not, or if i want this or not. If i think it suits me, i'll try it on and MAYBE buy. IF i do have any questions, i'll ask.

And then there are those really shitty salespeople who once really cissed me off. Me and my sisters were on a spree to look for a wedding gown for her and we went to one in Sri Hartamas. When we came in, she immediately asked who was the bride, and looking at my sis who's a plus size, she quickly took 5 dresses and said THOSE were the only ones for her. And they all look drabby. IMagine if u were the bride-to-be!

And well, let's face it, none of us are supermodel-like, and finding the right clothes can be a challenge sometimes. My tubby-like body and 'shortness' makes it difficult for me to find cheap, nice stuff off the shelves.

So finally, it was crunch time and i knew i had to get something. So i bought regular stuff at the assumed places, Topshop, MNG, Dorothy Perkins. But truly, the best finds were at the boutiques in Bangsar. They never seems to fail me. Who cares if they are brandless coz they are freaking cheap! As long as it FITS. Namely, PurpleDotz, Baci, etc, there are too many to remember. Caters for women of all shapes. None for men unfortunately. Strictly for females only.

And so, i have a renewed taste for shopping now. Especially when i can pick and go now. :)

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kyels said...

Yes, Bangsar is truly a nice place to shop for clothes. You can also check out Little Black Book (if I'm not mistaken). They have nice casual items.


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