Monday, September 24, 2007

Life As It Is

I got a very intriguing advice from endroog's dad that is stuck in my mind. He says the secret in youth and happiness is not through the facial cream you buy or those anti-aging treatment we indulge in. The secret lies in how you approach life. Don't take life so seriously.

In this I don't mean that you ought to quit your job and rot at home. Or not do anything productive in life. In this i mean to be not so petty over small things or fret and worry over things you can't control.

You tend to see the world a whole lot better. You feel better even.
If you are one of those who spends maybe 80-100% of your life at work, it's time to take a step back. If you can't finish the work, do it tomorrow. Working hours weren't meant to extended indefinitely. It doesn't make you a GREAT or a HARDWORKING person just because you work late.

If you are one of those who gets angry at home all the time because the house is in a mess, or that you can't pay your bills, or someone at home annoys you, or just things simply get in your way, well, let it go. Just don't fret over it. Just work on those one by one lightheartedly.

Money is never enough. That's something we've all gotta accept. And we will never make enough to be satisfied because human nature is just that they are insatiable! So to your utmost affordable level, travel and have fun. If you are those who are misers because you think you wanna save ur money for a rainy day, well, life's too short for that.


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kyels said...

Life is just too short for us to be unhappy all the time.


Live life as it is and solve problems with an open mind and heart. What takes me through the days is the fact that we only live once because we ain't go no 9 lives.

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