Friday, September 07, 2007

When You Resign....

1) Whenever someone asks u where you're going, just say it's somewhere better with better salary. And leave it as that.
2) Try not to leave any 'shit' for people to 'sweep' after u go.
3) Don't expect a grand farewell. I hope i can just leave in silence to save all the big hoo-hah.
4) If someone's been pissing or bullying u at work, now's your chance to say your mind.
5) Take all that's necessary. Including the perks that comes with the work. Make full use of the benefits you are entitled to.
6) Relax. Chances are, in one month's time before ur last day, you probably won't be required to do much work. More in the matter of completing your unfinished work.
7) Get a nice gift for your boss. If he was good to you, that is. If not, fark it.

1 comment:

kyels said...

Yep, it does make sense --- all the points.


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