Monday, September 10, 2007


I did a post last year when a colleague of mine left Farewells . I don't believe in it. I think farewells are like full-stops and it seems to cut off all ties. Unless you plan not to see that person ever again. Or you may NEVER see that person again. A simple 'KEEP IN TOUCH" ought to do. NO?

But if you do plan not ot see that person ever again, then why even have a pretentious little party to say your goodbyes to him/her? Out of courtesy? Because it's a tradition?

I'm sending my farewell memos to counterparts overseas now because I really do think that we probably won't meet again. And also out of courtesy to inform them of my resignation. But also to note to them to NOT TO REQUEST ANY REPORTS FROM ME ANYMORE. Yoohoo. Sort of a nicer way to say GO-BOTHER-SOMEONE-ELSE-NOW. And well, also to say my thanks to people at work who matters.

But to close friends at work- I'm lucky to have made some great friends here. 4 years do mean a lot to me, especially my 'older colleagues' who've all been great mentors to me in life. People who were always there to share/nag/advise/gossip. So DO I HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE?

I refused a farewell dinner/lunch. They insist that they have to- IT"S A TRADITION. I'm like "aiyoh, now modern age la. Just email/sms/call/instant message IM etc whenever la." unfortunately some of my older colleagues don't know what IM is. argh......Even if they do, they probably type really slow.

If we really do gotta say farewells, I think I'll say farewell to the work, the big taukes (so as to notify them you're leaving the farking place). And to customers and suppliers - ALSO to say GO-BOTHER-SOMEONE-ELSE-NOW.
And that'll do i think. What do you think.


Jemima said...

I told them the same thing when I left my last job.. but they still gave me a farewell dinner coz they said it's their tradition.

endroo G said...

Some people use that as an excuse to have a feast/outing.

kyels said...

Somehow I agree with Endroo. It may just be an excuse to have a feast or an outing. Unless it really is a tradition in that particular company.

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