Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Road TO Merdeka

Does anyone know the road to Merdeka that Malaysia had to endure? I wonder if every Malaysian knew what it took to get to where we are. 50 years is a big deal. Even if we are still to many quite 'kampung' or backward, well, at least we have the freedom to be so. At least back then, people cared about the country. Called it patriotism, well, it was significant then. Maybe now, what we Malaysians often like to do is just sit and complain.

Sure the CPM is what people call terrorists these days. But at least they did something to help the country to reach independence. If not for CPM, would we have had a shot at MERDEKA?

And yeah, sure we can always argue about how bad this PM was and how good that PM was, but in fact, if not for them, we wouldn't have the freedom of speech that we enjoy now.

At least we didn't had to go through what Cambodians had to during the Pol Pot regime. Or what Vietnam had to go through.
Anyone know of a good documentary of our struggle to independence?


Jemima said...

You heard of the banned "Lelaki Komunis Terakhir" & "Village People Radio Show"???

The dvd of the 1st title can be purchased online whereas the later was shown for 2 weeks in Singapore.

kyels said...

50 years may be a big deal. True. But how often do we get the real freedom of speech? And there are still so many problems faced by this nation.

Hoping itself won't do much because everyone needs to act on it. Somehow, I find that certain issues are always swept underneath the carpet.

Anyway, it still is a 50 years Merdeka.

endroo G said...

The communist had a hand in the independence process.

The British cabut when the Japs were here and when the Japs left... they came back. What the fuck?!

belle said...

yeah...hate what we go thru but stilll
merdeka =D

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