Thursday, September 06, 2007

Check Your Law

Happily, i applied for leave to clear them since i'm gonna be leaving this company. After my boss requested that i reduced the no. of leave, my HR then told me something really strange.

He can't release my last salary unless i've had clearance from the IRB. WTF? I asked him why? He said that in case i owe IRB for income tax, that the company is liable if that should happen.

Income tax is between me and the govt wat. What's it gotta do with the company. He was very determined that he was right. I didn't say anything even though i thought it was really ridiculous. That i will get my last salary by cheque and it could be longer as they need to get clearance.

i then called my twin sis. She, like me, resigned as well, and her HR did not advise so, and that she'll receive her EA form as usual NEXT YEAR. Then i called my other sis, who's a lawyer, and told me the same thing.

I told my HR then. Of course, statements from 2 sisters won't be enough for a conviction. So i insist that he shows me the Income Tax Act under the Employer-Employee in Private Sectors. I said that who knows maybe you guys have been doing it all wrong all this while! Scary aye. Finally I FOUND IT. after maybe an hour. It says that in the case when someone resigns, the new employer has to notify IRB. You only need to declare or clear your income tax only if you are on retirement, or that you were leaving the country for more than 3 months.

He was semi-convinced now. Made a call to his own reliable source and confirmed it.

Lastly i asked him, "so, you're gonna bank in my salary as usual right?" He grinned in embarrassment and said OK.


Andrew said...

So before this, all those who left the company .... sohai'ly went to IRB to settle the shit before they left??!!


kyels said...

Hmm ... Glad that it's settled already.


Wanderer said...

Hey, if you are inclined, the Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia has a page with the laws of Malaysia on it. Might make some interesting reading, especially if you have insomnia. :P

Good luck with your fight against the Man!

Gallivanter said...

No such thing. I read up on that before, looks like he's trying to pull a whammy jammy. You should tihtahpah his ass!

neomesuff said...

Your boss oops exboss must've came from anotha planet..


you very very pandai..

belle said...

he mess with the wrong person thats all.
i got one very ridiculous case also.
my ex com ask me to apply epf by myself WTF!
i said if i don have epf acc.u should give me back my money!
im so gonna get them! angry angry

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