Thursday, April 19, 2007


What's your definition of a simple life? I've always pictured myself making mediocre money in a mediocre apartment (or a small house) with a dog(preferably a Labrador) or two- perhaps occasionally splurging on holidays near or far supported by a medium-waged job. Just enough to get by if you know what i mean. Living a simple life with travelling perks. :)

If i could have it, i wanna be driving my beat up Kelisa forever. It's small and reliable. It's easy to park. It's hassle-free. And there's no worrying about people stealing it (who'd steal a kelisa)

My job should be a simple one. Without the 'charkueyteowing' or 'taichi-ing' or 'goreng-ing' that i have to do now. Preferably, i wish i could be operating my own little place, a food/coffee joint with lotsa good music and ample books. A joint for my family and friends to hangout and for me to make some bucks too. That'll be an ideal job.

I came back from Mount K and met Uncle Lim who inspired this post. Looks like a simple person but he was a professional diver for the navy and an adventure-seeker (complained that the white water rafting not syiok enough!). And he wore an orange tee all the time that shouts " LIFE IS SHORT. LIVE IT."

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