Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Small Talks

I've never been really good at doing small talks. I try. But I think I really suck at it. But that's shit coz you use it everywhere whenever. During parties. During conferences. In between meetings. Meeting clients. In a tour- busload of strangers. Seems endless aye.

Topics of choice- it's always the weather. You could be seeing the same person day or night and you'd still be asking him if it's gonna rain tonight.... AGE. This is almost an inevitable question. MARITAL STATUS. Some people wanna gauge if it's even worthwhile the small talks they're doing. OCCUPATION. So reluctant to tell people sometimes what I do. That i'm still stuck in uniform and am somewhat responsible for the farked up low quality national cars that most of us are driving.

And when you run out of topics, I'd just let the person ramble on. Nodding once in a while. Sometimes I repeat their last words with a question mark. Or sometimes we just stare in space hoping for the awkwardness to pass.

I know what'll help during small talks. The best boost is always some booze. Seriously, it is the best ice breaker. It relaxes a person and warms the situation.


kyels said...

Booze will always help small talks, I do agree.


cash said...

Small Talks?


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