Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Awkward Moments

Ever encountered this?
1) Waiting in line for the toilet in the public washroom, trying to hold ur pee in.
2) Farting in public, especially the 'accidental' ones during a conversation/conference.
3) At the buffet when you're stuffing yourself silly or refilling ur plate of fresh oysters.
4) Finding your roommate's 'leftovers' in the toilet bowl. This may be in the form of faeces or sanitary napkins. Next is, how to tell him/her?
5) Walking in on your roommate while he/she is 'gallivanting' with the significant half.
6) Body odour. Bad breath. What to do when someone with BO and bad breath nears u? avoid him or bear with it?
7) Women in lowcut dresses. I think this applies for men and women:--You can't avoid looking at it. So, do u stare, joke about it, or try ur best to ignore it?
8) Blind dates.
9) Meeting your ex' current gf/bf.
10) Meeting your gf's/bf's parents & family.


belle said...

meeting current bf's ex is worse.
as if she were hopin we'l break up asap == "

kyels said...

We all encounter this all the time.

Especially #6 when you're hitching a ride in public transportations.

endroo G said...

1. This happen mostly during clubbing and after a movie.

2. I have this fair share of experience.

3. Aren't we there to eat eat and eat ?

4. To me, napkin is still tolerable but not UFOs.

5. So far, never.

6. Try to hold my breath and cut the conversation short with person with bad breath. BO.... no choice, gotta bear with it.. for instance in a jam-packed bus.

7. Will try to steal glances and try not to let the girl notice that i'm looking it. But sometime just stare like nobody's business.

8. NIL.

9. To come to think of it, its kinda awkward too. Thanks for making me realizing it.

10. Geez, meeting my gf's parent/family is a JOY. Thats when you feel accepted and warm. Though at first it maybe a stress... dont know if small talk will work. Luckily it worked for me. Ha.

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