Monday, April 30, 2007

Girlfriends or Accessories? Part II

Some chinese men literally address their girlfriends as 'foh' means goods! Accessories! Think girlfriends ought to start calling their boyfriends names too, like 'kachak' means cockroach.

Are you one of those men who....
1) Takes the girlfriend everywhere you go irregardless if the girlfriend is acquainted to those ppl you were gonna meet? Do you even consider if the girlfriend was gonna have fun or MIGHT have a lousy time?
2) Do you take your girlfriend out just because you wanna be SEEN with a girlfriend so as to make it as if you're not ALONE.
3) DO you take your girlfriend out in the hope of making your guyfriends jealous? Especially if she's a hot chick? COme to think of it, are you just going out with her because she makes you look good?

The thing that I hate the most is when girlfriends are made as alarm clocks! What i mean by this? Well, the girlfriend is made to remind the boyfriends all the time to do whatever farking thing he has to do? simple shit like paying your bills, brushing your teeth, etc etc. Get a MOM if that's what you want your gf to be. Just a farking alarm clock or the calendar thingy on the Microsoft Outlook that prompts you.


kyels said...

Men are jerks. Period.

Gallivanter said...

Hahahahaha! GF as alarm clocks? Which idiot is that? Well, also, the GF can do something about it what...she can revolt...but she doesn't - it takes 2 to tango you know...

Having said that, men who do this to their GF deserves a broom up their arse.

Kyels, men are jerks, but you still love them don't you? Come on...admit it. :-P

belle said... tht don allow gf to have fun by herself is even cannot club,cannot lepak with this this this bunch of frens..yadda yadda

cash said...

hear, hear

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