Thursday, April 26, 2007

Girlfriends or Accessories?

Just my observation. Let me know if you've observed the same phenomenon. Ever been on a situation where the guys who are friends bring out their girlfriends and the girlfriends look bored? Or mute? Or just plain 'sien'?

I can only conclude the following:
a) They must have zero personality
b) They do have personality but the guys are engaged in low IQ conversations that the gfs just prefer to be mute so as not to degrade themselves by participating
c) They go out because their boyfriends WANT/NEED them to be there- so out of obligation and in the act of trying to be the 'obedient' and 'good' girlfriend, they go anyway even if it was gonna bore them to their deaths
d) They are memang boring or they really have no friends so why not just have another yet boring outing anyway and waste their lives away like that
e) The girlfriends are just puppies or accessories for the bfs to look good, something like comfort food that's easily accessible

What people fail to understand is that relationships is not about always sticking to each other. There will be times for timeouts, all girls/guys nite out, and then there will be gatherings with bestfriends for share-time that bfs/gfs are best not to interfere. It's all about having an independent relationship. You won't die not having your bf/gf by your side all the time. The essence of you must be preserved for that's all you. Only you.


Gallivanter said...

I agree. INDEPENDENCE is vital in a relationship. Those dudes were probably very insecure about themselves (it's common for men these days) and the girls were all spineless (don't mind being concubines). TIME OFF is extremely important!

endroo G said...

thanks for the advice, dear.

Anonymous said...

Well... being guys, the guys do sometimes end up talking about guy stuff when they are together, which kinda bores the girlfriends...

Anyway, I'm all for the independence thing.

kyels said...

I prefer an independent relationship because what good does it make to actually stick to your partner all the time?

It frustrates me; cute, yes but it seems lifeless to me. Maybe I'm just a hard person.

philters said...

it happens at the futsal courts and my climbing gym all the time. the guys/girls will come for the sport and the partner will some and just tengok je. no reaction. no cheering ke, and never ever join in. just stare je - like they really seriously don't want to be there, but well, just there la.

i'm going to be blunt - i think it's stupid. they just have no business nor interest to be there, then don't be there la. haiyoh. you're not conjoined at the hip, you know.

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