Thursday, April 19, 2007

Conversation with a Perodua Idiot

This is what that really exasperates me at work every farking day. Dealing with idiotic customers who don't use their brains or perhaps they dont even have brains to begin with. Today at 9am, i sent my staff to hand in a countermeasure report to the Perodua Idiot.

Perodua Idiot: OK , your countermeasure report ni nak bagi saya ke atau apa?
: (thinking to myself what kind of a dumb question is this) What? Apa maksud u?
Perodua Idiot: Ini report ni untuk saya ke atau apa? (can't comprehend why he's repeating) Mana attachment?
: What attachment you want?
Perodua Idiot: Attachment la, to your report. Mana detail detail punya countermeasure?
: What kind of detail you mau? Apa attachment yang you mau?
Perodua Idiot: OK sekarang you datang ke Perodua. Kita discuss.
: Apa you nak discuss? Why don't I prepare whatever attachment or details you require before i come. Or else, saya datang buat apa? I need some lead time to prepare the documents.
Perodua Idiot: OK...macam tu, you datang esok. Pagi, Malam ke apa?
: Once i have compiled it i will let you know.
Perodua Idiot: So pagi ar? Pagi pukul berapa? 11.59am pun pagi jugak. What time? Pagi what time?
: *pause for a moment- refuse to answer to such dumb harrassing mode of questioning* i'm on leave tomorrow. I will give it to you by email first and the report shall be sent to u.

Fark you, perodua idiot.

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kyels said...

I guess idiots are everywhere.

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