Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Toll Rates in Klang Valley

New Toll Rates? The new toll charges are: LDP, RM1.60 (previously RM1), L'raya Shah Alam, RM2.20 (RM1.50), L'raya Cheras-Kajang, Batu 9, RM 1 (70 sen) L'raya Cheras-Kajang, Batu 11, 90 sen (60 sen ), L'raya KL-Karak-Gombak, RM5, L'raya KL-Karak-Bentong, RM3 (RM2.50) and L'raya Koridor Guthrie, RM1.40 (RM1).
Why don't the government just take my whole goddamn salary and shove it inside the toilet bowl? Do they think that we don't know the 'duit kopi' they get from construction? If they hadn't up-ed the profit margin just so that the 'duit kopi' can be justified, you would have enough revenue to ensure that we pay less toll now. Weren't all the maintenance fees required and estimated revenue based on projected traffic taken into account to when the toll rates were first formulated for a newly built highway? What is the justification that we are still paying TOLL and now MORE TOLL when we should be seeing a decline in toll rates in view of the traffic and revenue generated? See LDP, probably one of the most heavily-utilised highway- the toll rates are revised from RM1 to RM1.60......60% jack up. Ridiculous. I've got better ways for the government to make more revenue....see this list.
1) Reduce no. of workers in government sectors- look, government workers are slow anyway- give them 10 people or 1 person, it's still the same.
2) Remove the air-conditioning units at the toll collectors booth! Geez, the amount of electricity and energy required to 'condition' one fella in the small little booth baffles me. Fan not sufficient meh? I'm not even going to go into how much is the profit margin of those the York fellas are raking in. hehe
3) Get the traffic polices off the road! They don't help with the traffic at all! If ever, they only make it worse. I never understood why people think that traffic polices can navigate the traffic better than a fully functional traffic lights. Get them off and we reduce no of useless traffic police.
4) Stick to only 2 modes of payment- Cash or Smart Tag. Not Cash, Touch N Go, Smart Tag. The less payment modes you have, the less you gotta pay out to different contractors to install the units- and by doing so, you can ask for cost down for the contractor since it's gonna be single sourcing and not dual or triple sourcing.
There are many ways that the govt can think of to cost down but they took the easy way out- raising the toll rates because it's just easier to shed it off the rakyat's already meagre salary. Cmon, our standard of living is already pathetic enough. Want to end up like Indonesia, is it?

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