Friday, December 29, 2006


Have not always been a patient person. I am get agitated, aggravated, irritated, annoyed...with about almost everything! I know it's not a healthy thing but I just can't help it. I can't stand waiting. I hate waiting in line for anything....stamps, pay bills, for movie tickets, for toilet (it's really frustrating when you REALLY need to go, definitely top on my list)
I can't stand soft spoken people. It really gets to me. Especially the girls who think that they can pass off as being demure and cute in the hopes of winning guys....cute my ass! And what's the deal with soft-spoken guys, serves no whatsoever purpose. And what about people who mumbles? Or talk to themselves? Like those bank tellers or cashiers who don't look at you when they are speaking to you.
I can't stand naggy aunties. The repetitive ones..the ones who wants to know EVERYTHING about what you do, who you seeing with. It's okay if them come over to visit my mom but leave me out of their little tea party!
I can't stand the Malaysian standard public toilet. Aside from its grotesque features, it's always out of toilet paper and WET!!!..seriously they should have separate toilets for the Malay women. They may like their toilets damp but i DONT!!
I have no patience for people who are late. I mean, the fella could be living like 5 mins away from the meeting place and could still be freaking 1 hour late! People should learn to respect other people's time is just as important as theirs.
My list of I-Can't-Stand-This goes on and on. I should really learn to be patient....but life is short, I should exercise my freedom of expressing my dislikes...and discomfort! At least channeling my frustration to this journal is better than me taking it out on one of those aunties or those tight-mouth bitches, right? That wouldn't be right now, would it?


Gallivanter said...

Hmmm, this entry look extremely familiar to me...a repost?

Jemima said...

There was a time when Patience ceased to be a virtue. It was long ago. - Charlotte Perkins Gilman -

Thanks for linking me. ;)

Happy New Year & HUGS!

tihtahpah said...

argh darnit gallivanter........:)

meekiee said...

haha....running out of patience uh?
relax ler. :p

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