Monday, December 18, 2006

Thanks SPCA

Recently I caught the Adoption Fest at the Bangsar Shopping Center. Bugged me the whole day. The fact that the puppies were caged, poked at, played with, disturbed and on a display. How would you like if you were treated that way. I mentioned this to Che-Cheh, and decided to write to SPCA since they are the organizers. Here's how the email went.
On 12/18/06, wrote:
Hi,I came across the SPCA effort for the Adoption fest. It is a noble move, but however I saw many kids and adults poking at the puppies while the puppies were asleep at Bangsar Shopping Center. Although I am sure that the good intentions are there, perhaps something could be done to protect thepuppies.Thank you very much.

Dog Lover
Many thanks for your comments. I agree with you, the puppies should not have been treated like this. We do tell volunteers to ask the public not to do this and when I see it happening I do tell people not to (though sometimes I can get distracted talking to other interested people and miss it.) Your comments have been taken on board and thank you for your interest in the SPCA.
Yours sincerely,
Louise van Steveninck
And I hope readers who do frequent Bangsar Shopping Center would respect the puppies like how you would want to be respected.


Larawannabe said...

i've once scolded this little boy for poking the budgerigars that was on display at carrefour, seeing that his parents were not responsible enough to do so :p

Gallivanter said...

Bravo! Well done tihtahpah! Guess what, I went there today, cause I called up Bangsar Bowl to see if they found my sunglasses. And they did. :-D

cash said...

Hmmm... I hate caged animals... always feels so depressing.

meekiee said...

That is thoughtful of you. I had been to SPCA earlier this year and checked out on the adoption procedures. Conditions are quite strict.
Wanna go there and see how the dogs live? I'll pack some tissues for you. :)

tihtahpah said...

Larawannabe: some parents ought to go for parenting skills i feel
Gallivanter: Told you not to wear sun glasses inside the bowling place
meekiee: not exactly enthralled to see how the dogs live hahhahhaa

Che-Cheh said...


*clap clap clap

Gallivanter said...

How nice if we could put the children in the cages and have the puppies pee on them from the outside...Some parents are idiots when it comes to raising their kids...

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