Thursday, May 03, 2007


Are you in the midst of looking for a suitable job for yourself? I must say i've been jobsearching throughout my last 2 years working at my current company. Been to countless interviews some fruitful and some not.

I must say i've never had a really good, professional and smart interviewer. Most of the interviews end up with us haggling on the expected and agreed salary. Irregardless of what industry I applied to. They always do the same thing. Call for interview. Ask interviewee to intro themselves. Ask interviewee for current company's benefit. Get interviewee to commit to an agreed salary. It's like as if everyone went to the SAME 'How-to-interview?' course.
I had an interviewer who forced me to sign the offer letter straightaway during the interview itself. Saying all he could to convince me for 4 hours.

I had an interviewer for an ISO company who ended up mostly investigating my company, trying to figure out why my company has not hired them to do consultation work. Even gave me the company's brochure on courses offered and ask me to distribute to my HR!

I had an interviewer who kept interrupting me AFTER he asked me any question.Din wait for my answer and went on and on and on.

I had an interviewer who interviewed me for a job at QATAR. The lady was a headhunter. Then she told me it's a male dominated country and i probably wont be suitable. So my question to her was why was i even shortlisted for an interview in the first place then, (I swear my resume indicated clearly that i was a female!)

I had an interviewer who asked me to take a 20% salary cut- because it was a GLC and had bountiful benefits. Hullo??? HOw to justify laaaa?

Sigh. Maybe it's time i work for myself. Or not work at all. I must say i have had MORE money for a less prestigious organisation with LESS haggling and NONSENSE years ago! What is malaysia becoming into?

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philters said...

beb, i was once the 'interviewer from hell' when it came to applicants who could not speak up for themselves. i would turn the meeting into an interrogation session. of course, it was all a set up on our part and i was playing the role. but you won't believe how easy it is to break some people.

but i bet you'd fare any interview worth your time:D

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