Sunday, October 29, 2006

Asian Teacher Vs Gwailo Teacher

I've had my fair share of Asian Teachers and Gwailo Teachers to compare unbiasly. Sad to say I think there's a vast difference. Just this weekend I got to again sample the teachings of a gwailo teacher and it was really a relief. We had a Singaporean teacher for the past 3 months and it was
1) boring, to the point of unmotivating and it was somewhat a struggle getting through the entire class without falling asleep
2) the teacher was bit rigid on the syllabus
3) having us adults students were a bit of a handful as we all had our opinions and the teacher at some point lost control of us...
4) the lesson was too exam-orientated...adults'objectives are quite different-we're more looking for self enhancement and how to better use the knowledge we are PAYING for
And how did the Gwailo teacher fared?
1) well for one, the class was really interesting despite having a really boring module to go through, she somehow managed to make us master the module
2) the teacher was flexible as to what best suit our interest
3) we were allowed to give our opinions but she would always bring us back to the core of the subject
4) the lesson was enriching as the teacher relates her personal views and experience to better equip us to face the challenges we might encounter
Well...i'm not saying there aren't any good Asian teachers..but somehow some mindset has made the Asian teachers to fall victim to society norm, for esample making the lessons all tooooo exam-orientated..because we Asians were brought u to carry with us lists and lists of As...etc.. I remember some really mundane piano lessons I had when i was doing my Grade 7-I was forced to learn ONLY my exam pieces for the whole term! Stripped off every interest I had on the piano!
What say u?

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