Monday, October 30, 2006

Of Kids and Adulthood

In Kids, I mean teenagers and 20 year olds.... Had a good dose of interaction lately and can't help but made me feel much older HAHA. And then there are just some incidents that stretches the generation gap just a little bit more. How do you relate to someone who doesn't know where Taiping is? The "Kid" asked me if it was in Taiwan. From what I perceive, kids of that genre dislikes Malaysia..and would rather not have anything to do with it. I don't particularly LOVE Malaysia, but as a friend of mine quote: "We oughta know our roots". I was even once asked how the hell chicken shit looks like. Omg. I told her to make a trip to the nearest wet market and order herself a live chicken. Then 'sembelih' it at home. But, for one thing, these "kids' know a lot more than you think. I blame it on the Internet. Then, there's the "older" bunch whom I've found to be much charismatic, well, the wealth of experience gives them that flavour I suppose. I've met a bunch of ladies who are ever so boisterous and yet elegant and poised. Always quick-witted without being rude at all, sarcastic but funny. Well, so, I'm actually stuck in the middle. Absorbing the best of both sides.

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