Tuesday, October 17, 2006

They're Older and Better

Some men are just timeless. The older they get, the more irresistable they become. They've become icons that will haunt us forever....
1) Sean Connery
2) Dennis Quaid- checkout The Rookie, he still reeks of sexiness
3) George Clooney
4) Michael Douglas- (well..not everyone digs him)
5) Kevin Costner
6) Brad Pitt -
And then there are just some women who never seem to age. Their beauty surpasses time.
1) Catherine Zeta Jones
2) Michelle Pfeiffer (Best Catwoman!)
3) Ashley Judd
4) Shania Twain
5) Courteney Cox


Gallivanter said...

My favorite actor - ROBERT DENIRO. :-) I like the first 2 actors in your list.

Women, hmmm, Diane Lane, Zeta Jones, Ashley Judd, Shania Twain, Julia Roberts.... :-)

Jemima said...

I love Susan Sarandon. :)

tihtahpah said...

Gallivanter: Robert DeNiro?? Well, I'm talking about irresistable....Anyone seen DeNiro in Falling In Love with Meryl Streep??? He was kinda cute there...I must say i forgot to add Sean Penn :)
Jemima: DOnt really like Sarandon though..and she's got these huge implants....haha

je said...


a passerby who came across this :) said...

Alan Rickman!

well yeah, not alot of people know him... (indicates my bunch of friends)..heh

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