Friday, October 13, 2006


Personally, I think it's cruel to call someone a LOSER. Unless you're always a WINNER in everything you do, then you can call someone a loser. A person is not a loser just because
1) he is in a dead-end job that pays very little. Hey, not everyone's lucky to get a great job that he/she likes. How do we know that he has not tried his best, but still end up in a deadbeat job?
2) he doesnt have any friends. Some of us are just lone rangers, maybe he/she is comfortable just by being by himself/herself. Not everyone has to be in a gang or a clique. Individuality rocks!
3) he/she is stuck at home on a Friday night. Well, not everyone has to be some party-goer that comes home late every night trashed and drunk.
4) he/she doesnt have a boyfriend/girlfriend. I think some people just need to have a partner all the time, it also shows how insecure that person is. Frankly, it's alright to be without a partner than to be stuck in a pathetic relationship that is going nowhere....just so you don't appear to be such a loser for not having a partner.
So..the next time you call someone a LOSER, look at yourself, you maybe be at your prime in all your glory, but everyone will fall, so be humble, Dont Be Cruel.
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Gallivanter said...

Your last 2 posts reminded me of Jemima. :-)

tihtahpah said...

Are you trying to say Jemima's a loser????

Gallivanter said...

Of course not! I was speaking about your topic selections. I enjoy reading Jemima's entries... :-)

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