Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Prestige

It's not about magic, it's about Illusion, and how far you'll go to create the ultimate Illusion. I stepped into the cinema without expecting much. This movie certainly reeks of Oscar. Giving you the dark side of magic, what great lengths people go to mystify, to dazzle and puzzle...An obsession that soon drives both men in a vengeance pursuit. Hugh Jackman was great, but Christian Bale (The Machinist) performance is articulate and convincing. And then, there's always Michael Caine, just his voice makes the whole movie damn great. And, David Bowie plays an interesting character who would 'engineer' and create illusions. Scarlett Johannson kinda decorates the movie prettily- makes the movie just all the more interesting, aye? But make no mistake, this is a dark movie. The movie gives a buildup of intrigue, hatred, and vengeance. Definitely a must-see this month!

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