Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Here's my list of POSERS that I've met
1) Women who dress posh but is foul as hell with bad manners/food etiquette
2) Know-It-Alls whose knowledge is really confined to certain subjects
3) Teenagers who act adult-like but really come off as being ridiculous...
4) People who show up at gatherings sulking and quiet because they think the group they're hanging out with are losers. Really, why even bother to show up?
5) Adults who sit around and compare whose job sucked more- there's some sort of triumph for those whose job sucked more. Who needs to talk about all that after work?
6) Malaysians who went abroad for studies for some years and come back faking 'culture shock' and phony accents- it's NOT COOL. Lived all your life in some ulu town like Kulim and now rude Malaysians give you culture shock? Pls.
7) Old people trying to be 'young'. It's fine to be young at heart, but old haggard men dressed in leopard print shirts with leather pants/tight jeans and dyed hair is a bit of a stretch :)
Can't stand posers.


Gallivanter said...

Aiyaiyai! I believe posers are there to keep the world in check. LOL

endroo G said...

why of all the ulu towns.. must you mention Kulim ? Kulim is developing rapidly. Why dont you mention Kuala Gula ??

tihtahpah said...

why Kulim? Well, I was forced to go there a month ago, and inference to my fren's rant about an 'encounter' there- just sorta make me think of kulim immediately.

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