Monday, October 16, 2006


I love Sharon Stone. She's my hero in short hair. I remember I once took a picture of her to the hairdresser and said that I wanna have short hair like her. That was years ago. I still sport short short hair, occasionally leaving it long and then to chop it again anyways. And everytime, people say that it's too boyish, too short, too unladylike. Well, I love short hair. As opposed to looking like any other damn Ah-Lian with long straight (rebonded) hair dyed or not dyed...I prefer this anytime. It's a stereotype that women must have long hair to be desirable. Must have long hair to look demure. Must have long hair to be feminine. Well, I've not conforming to such narrow-minded, senseless, kuno-fied stereotype. Hail to all women with short hair! We rock!
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Gallivanter said...

I used to prefer women with longer locks, but as I grow older, there's something about short hair than fascinates me. Of course, don't make it so short that you end up look like a 50-year old chinese aunty. :-P

endroo G said...

Sharon's a goddess. She is still hot at this age... it just my basic instinct to find her hot.

Btw, not everyone look good in short hair... it depends on your face shape. Round shape, oval shape, squarish shape etc etc.

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