Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Way It Used To Be

I'm an oldie nut. NO matter what people tells me, I can't help but compare TV series when it used to be. See if you agree...
1) Cagney and Lacey
2) Three's a Company
3) Airwolf
4) The Wonder Years (remember Kevin Arnold)
5) 30-Somethings
6) Growing Pains
7) Family Ties (Michael J Fox and Justine Bateman)
8) Moonlighting (Bruce Willis!!!)
9) Murder, She Wrote
10) The Andy Griffith Show
11) Remington Steele (the beginnings of Pierce Brosnan)
12) The A Team


Gallivanter said...

Cool stuff. Yup, nothing like 80s or early 90s tv list in no particular order:

1) The A-Team
2) Airwolf
3) Alf
4) Diff'rent Strokes
5) Full House
6) Jake & The Fatman
7) Knight Rider
8) Mac Gyver
9) Misfits of Science
10) Mission: Impossible
11) Perfect Strangers
12) Quantum Leap
13) Street Hawk
14) The Fall Guy
15) The Highwayman
16) The Man from Atlantis
17) The Six Million Dollar Man

Man, I can't believe I was such an addict when I was young...LOL

tihtahpah said...

ohman..i was such a quantum leap fan! and Perfect Strangers!!!!!

endroo G said...

My favourite:

McGyver, Airwolf, A-Team, Knight Rider, Wonder Years and Doogie Houser MD ... and i forgot the rest of the nice shows....

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