Thursday, October 05, 2006

Best Vocals

There's a debate going on in Daniel Franklin's Blog on who has the best ROCK VOCALS ever. Here's mine
1) Steve Tyler- Aerosmith (sings with passion and hard to imitate- try karaoke)
2) Axl Rose-Guns N Roses (it's either you like him or you don't :) )
3) Tom Chaplin- Keane (a special voice i would say)
4) Jakob Dylan (son of Bob Dylan)- The Wallflowers ( since Bringing Down the Horses album- haven't heard much from him)
5) Justin Hawkins- The Darkness (most praised for his soaring falsetto)
And Best Female Rock Vocals should be a whole separate category, but I ain't got a lot of favourites's my list
1) Deborah Harry-Blondie (most memorable for Maria)
2) Ann and Nancy Wilson- Heart (..Alone..I've always gone by on my ownnnn...)
3) Annie Lennox - former Eurythmix member ( listen to her in 'Why" & "Beautiful Child')
4) Dolores O'Riordan- The Cranberries (one of a kind- Faye Wong tried to imitate her-eww)
5) Tina Turner- can't believe i forgot to put her in (courtesy from Daniel Franklin)


Gallivanter said...

I still say Axl Rose's voice is annoying. :-P

1) Bryan Adams
2) Steve Perry (Journey)
3) John Waite
4) Joe Elliott (Def Leppard)
5) Steve Tyler (Aerosmith)

As for female rock vocals, I'm stumped, apart from Heart and Tina Turner.

tihtahpah said...

ohyea..i can't believe i forgot Tina Turner...adding her rightaway

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